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BC Kings is a strategy game in the prehistoric age
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BC Kings is a strategy game in the prehistoric age.
You will command the Humans fighting against the Mutants that are trying to conquer the Earth. You will control several soldiers, with different skills, that will fight the invaders, destroy buildings and get some food and other articles that your people will need. When you choose a soldier or a group of soldiers with your mouse, you can assign them fighting, defense or patrol tasks. You can have soldiers working in different areas, to maximize the use of your army. Since the soldiers will not have the same skills for every task, you will need to pick them up carefully to obtain the best results from them. Some soldiers are labeled like "Heroes". They are brilliant when fighting enemies, but will be hard to replace if they are tired, or killed. So, it is better to assign them fighting responsibilities, and not using them to build. When an enemy is near, the game will alert you, and tell what to do to fight against him. You will see how many soldiers you have still under your command on the top of the screen.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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